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Last Hope – Final Battle – Game Plan

Sooooo, it’s time to wrap up shooting for this thing.. tomorrow Saturday, July 9th at 3pm, we’re asking everybody that can make it to meet us at this location near the 595 and 441 intersection.  Plan on trying to stay THROUGH sunset and if you want, depending on how dirty we all feel, we may be going straight to the Red Eye pre opening party at the Green Room downtown. http://www.jointherevolution.net/Green_Room/index.html

Bring your weapons, war paint, get your head in survival / fight mode.. we can all be friends again over some beers afterwards but tomorrow from 3pm-9pm if they aren’t in your tribe and with the exception Kelly and a few other connecting characters we’ll catch you up on in little pre shoot chat… Everyone else on the set is a direct threat to you and your family/tribe’s existence…  and p.s. don’t be upset if you’re character dies.. sorry it’s Armageddon, it needs to feel like it!  but maybe.. just maybe… they’re be some Last little bit of Hope :-)

Anyway from 595 you take 441 south and then take your first right and wiggle around like this:

Parking for final fight


final battle location

Here’s some links:


Red Eye Page
Last Hope information Page

Last Hope Facebook Page

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