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I Can Do Bad

Durand Ross & Miguel Morales – I Can Do Bad

Miguel Morales and Durand Ross have a hot song, I Can Do Bad,  that is getting some good airplay in some key markets.  Here is the current list:

Radio Stations / Markets for I  Can Do Bad

The Radio Stations / Markets I Can Do Bad is playing in.

They are looking for partners in a new record label.

Miguel has already been branding himself as Late Nite Rush so the label will probably be Late Nite Recordings or Music.

They are planning on building on the momentum of I Can Do Bad.   They are going to keep creating hot new content with lots of talented artists in many different genres as well as scouting and cultivating new musicians to bring into the fold.

This is Brian Firth, organizer here at Sandbox Raw.  I am going to be actively involved as a partner as well, concentrating on branding/marketing, talent procurement/development, media production, merchandising, and live performance organization.

Having said that, I have a lot of internet, business, and marketing experience but my resume in the music industry is limited so we are absolutely going to be looking for partners/managers with strong industry backgrounds.

In general we are looking to raise roughly $20,000 USD that would get broken down something like:

$7k legal/paperwork

$1k accounting

$5k media production (I Can Do Bad video, live event photos, etc.)

$2k web construction (Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

$2k proactive web marketing (Pay Per Click, banner advertising, etc.)

$2k live event (travel, hotel, etc.)

$1k miscellaneous ( misc. overhead)

Obviously we could launch this label with less thank $20k but I believe that figure is about the right amount to comfortably get us to the point where the company is self sufficient and profitable.  We are open for negotiation, and are willing to entertain the idea of more than one financial partner so please inquire within even if that number scares you :-)

Depending on the X factors a possible investor/partner or manager can bring to the table we are prepared to offer something in the neighborhood of 15% of total revenues generated over the course of the next 2 calender years.

Please email me Brian@SandboxRaw.com  if you are interested getting involved one way or another!

Thanks for your interest, -Brian

Here is where we ranked on Digital Radio Tracker last week:



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Miguel Morales

Deep House DJ down here in South Florida, Miguel Morales came through for us on Last Hope!

Facebook Page:

Reverb page:

One of the videos Miguel did the sound for us:

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