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Last Hope – Air

Last Air – Air

This is one of the 4 movies (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) that we put together for an installation piece for the Red Eye are show by Artserve.  The other 3 are coming soon!

It plays slow because the 4 movies are meant to be played concurrently.

Anyway, thank you soooooo much to everyone involved, it was a great experience and a pleasure to work with you all!

cheers, -Brian & Cerise

Last Hope – Air from Sandbox Raw on Vimeo.

Half Head

Miguel Morales

Naturalist Micheala

James Eisele

Ryan Tiexiera

Chantal Lawrie

Mary O’Hara

Georgina Romero

Patrick Oden

Anastasia Sultzer

Justin Harris

Cia Lee

K&D Photography

Danielle Korzeniewski

Brian Firth

Cerise Carson

Luna Musefusion

Photo by James Eisele:  http://www.fashionfl.com/ Last Hope Air photo by James Eisele

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Last Hope – Final Battle – Game Plan

Sooooo, it’s time to wrap up shooting for this thing.. tomorrow Saturday, July 9th at 3pm, we’re asking everybody that can make it to meet us at this location near the 595 and 441 intersection.  Plan on trying to stay THROUGH sunset and if you want, depending on how dirty we all feel, we may be going straight to the Red Eye pre opening party at the Green Room downtown. http://www.jointherevolution.net/Green_Room/index.html

Bring your weapons, war paint, get your head in survival / fight mode.. we can all be friends again over some beers afterwards but tomorrow from 3pm-9pm if they aren’t in your tribe and with the exception Kelly and a few other connecting characters we’ll catch you up on in little pre shoot chat… Everyone else on the set is a direct threat to you and your family/tribe’s existence…  and p.s. don’t be upset if you’re character dies.. sorry it’s Armageddon, it needs to feel like it!  but maybe.. just maybe… they’re be some Last little bit of Hope :-)

Anyway from 595 you take 441 south and then take your first right and wiggle around like this:

Parking for final fight


final battle location

Here’s some links:


Red Eye Page
Last Hope information Page

Last Hope Facebook Page

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Last Hope Water & Fire at Dania Beach / John Lloyd

This Saturday June 11, 2011 at 4pm Last Hope round 2 is going to be shot at the locations pictured below in Dania.

Hopefully you get the idea.. just north of Dania pier..
2pm in SE Laudy if you want to come early and work on your hair/makeup/wardrobe..

hair and makeup this Saturday is going to be by Cabba Blee (make sure you tip here nice!)

Shaping up like a beach set this weekend.. Surf gang, Armageddon female tribe type feel for our Water & Fire Elements (there’s a fire ban across south Florida so there will be no actual fire this time but don’t worry, we’ll post in some fire!!..also grab a Free spirit, Hippie, Earthy look if you can.. check here for ideas on wind or water ideas: http://sandboxraw.com/2011/06/02/one-hope/

For Fire: some hard, leather, studded type clothing and accessories! The burnt rags like Liana’s stuff from last week.. idk use your imagination.. Wife Beaters and old Tshirts, ripped up are a good start..

For Water: black or white swimwear would be good but whatever color you have will probably work.. surf boards, whiskey, and cigarettes is about all I can come up with.. add your ideas below!!!!.. the rags will probably come in handy .. again the harder the look the better

hard chicks, heavy tattoos, please apply within!

For Earth: Try to pull off cute hippie look!
check the Facebook page for updates http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=202384376442169

Dania beach John Lloyd - Last Hope



last hope john lloyd state parkParking map for John Lloyd.. 4pm this Saturday June 11th or at 2pm we start hair and make up at the plaza, SE Laudy, contact me for directions..Basically you take Dania Beach BLVD to the beach and get on the “Dania Pier” exit at the end and NOT”John Lloyd exit.. meter parking, park at the end/north end and we’ll be meeting 1/4 mile further north up the beach near the creek..

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