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Malice: The Cast

Nyon’s Crew

Nyon – yet to be determined. Every boss should understudy for Nyon.

Big Boss 1 – Kordo
his wife – Nicki
their son – Jaden
Logan: http://youtu.be/uME5kInMlCQ
Kordo Boss

Big Boss 2 – Sky
right hand man – Cudy
Sky boss – Ariel
Sky Boss – Flip

Big Boss3 – Candy
Candy Girl – Zink
Candy Girl – Lizzy
Candy Girl – Kaya
Candy Girl – Angel
(Juliet, British accent, coming from Sarasota)

Candy Girl – Pixi

High level Street Boss – Streets
Street Thug – Dice
Street Thug – Bunny
Street Thug – Blunt
Street Thug – Lips
Street Thug – Dizzy
Street Thug – Yachtzee

Beginning of the script:

Scene 1 – The Wake
Location: Bimini Boatyard
Black and white formal attire

Cordo: (raising a toast) Thank you Jackson Brickell. Thank you for what you meant to my family (cut to Nicki & Jaden) and more importantly, thank you for what you meant to OUR family!! (cheers w/ everybody)

Sky: holding back tears. clearly broken up, lil drunk… We’re going to miss you Jack! you are going to be missed……. now she get’s more angry than upset. BUT!! You better believe we are going to hold down what you built for us… Brickell isn’t going anywhere! Is it Sage? death stare

Sage: cold stare back.. No Sky, we’re not going anywhere.

Ko Lee WarriorThanks Soulfame and Nana: http://soulfame.deviantart.com/art/Cosplay-111565336


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The Bone Betty Experiment

The short film and photoshoot we’re planning for Saturday is coming together fast! If you are interested in either a speaking role
in the film or would like to participate in the photoshoot, (which is part of the film) but your speaking roles would be limited,
write me and send over links fast!  Brian@SandboxRaw.com
and stay tuned to the facebook page:

Actors call is 11am and models at 5pm

Here’s a rough copy of the first act, with the rest coming very soon!

The Bone Betty Experiment

Act I

The opening sequence is going to be a bit from the ending of the movie.. a frazzled producer, Merc, is desperately flipping through his contact
book searching for replacement talent for his 7pm shoot with internationally famous photographer, Romain Laurent, )who really is a relatively
famous French Photographer) http://www.romain-laurent.com :-)

Merc does not care what the dead body count is totaling up to.. when Romain Laurent flies across the Atlantic ocean to your set, you better
have beautiful, LIVE, dolled up models waiting for him…… and the story begins:

Scene I
Jen: “Hello…”
Lavinia “Jen!”
Jen: “Hey babe, how are you? So are you excited?”
Lavinia: “Yeah, I’m really nervous and excited. I wish you were coming with me.”
Jen: “Me too, but it’s Sam’s graduation party and I can’t miss the set up! He is kind of bitter that you can’t make it.”
Lavinia: “I know… I know, tell him we will do something next week, my treat! I love him lots! Uhm, by the way, you remember that side project “bone betty”. Do you think there is any way I can get a few samples, please.”
Jen: “Well, he hasn’t tested it on anyone. I’m not even sure it’s ready — ”
Lavinia: “Please Jen, you said it works instantly, like five minutes it’s in the blood stream and it melts 2 pounds of fat in 30 minutes, I’m begging you!! I don’t think I can deal with being the only fatty in a group of twiggies again.”
Jen: “You’re NOT FAT!”
Lavinia: “You don’t understand… you are tall and you eat whatever you want and you will still look awesome, even if, you are 15 pounds over your average body weight. I’m only five pounds below my average weight and according to you I’m thin?? You know the camera adds like 10 pounds or something… besides I totally trust your genius hubby, he’s practically perfect! And isn’t there vitamin B in it?? Please!!!”
Jen: “Fine, I’m only giving you three tubes with enough to shed 1 pound of fat… I’ll drop it off.”
Lavinia: “When?”
Jen: “Tonight! — But, this can never get out!”

Scene 2

Two days later

Lavinia: “Finally, I made it. How do I look?” Sparkling green eyes flirted back from the compact mirror. “If only my body could replicate such pizzazz.” Lavinia stuck out her tongue at herself in a playful gesture as she stood at the end of the hallway, waiting to pass a parallel multitude of antique framed doors all of which were inviting with the exception of the extensively freakish hallway.

Lavinia: “Whew, thank God I chose this side of the apartment complex. Door number four, to my left, I was spared the hallway of doom.” The longer she stood in the path of the hallway’s emptiness the greater was her desire to get inside. She took a breath, clutched her bag of goodies close to her chest, and knocked hard and furiously.
A beautiful bright smile not only welcomed, but also warmed any feeling of sudden impending doom that seemed to be awaiting her.
Juliet: “Hello Gorgeous! Look at you, always such vision.”
Lavinia: “You’re the gorgeous one!”
Lavinia and Juliet exchanged kisses.

Lavinia: “Is anyone else here? By the way, have I ever told you how creepy your hallway is?”
Juliet: “Yes” Juliet sighed sweetly as a patient smile rose to her mouth, spread across her lips, “You tell me all the time, actually,” she half laughed at the end of her sentence.
Lavinia: “I know, sorry, but you live here, aren’t you creeped out some times?”
Ophelia walked into the room,
Ophelia: “Hey!”
Lavinia: “Hey sweetie!” Lavinia meets her warm embrace. “So tell me where is this happening?”
Ophelia: “Everyone is getting makeup and hair downstairs by the pool.”
Lavinia: Lavinia reached into her pocket grabbing one tube of the serum, “Do you think I could get some water.” She held it in her palm.
Juliet: wrinklesd her nose, “Sure, what’s that?”
Lavinia: “Well, it’s an elixir…” She stared into two sets of confused, non-conformed, blank eyes. “…Right, it’s vitamin B mixed with some other herbs that melt away a pound of fat.”
Juliet: “You don’t need that, you have a beautiful body.”
Lavinia: “I know… but I would feel better if I took it and it only takes 30 minutes. It would make me feel better mentally!” A smile popped up on Lavinia’s face.

At that, Merc walked in through the door, waved hi, and made himself comfortable on the couch.
Juliet sighed, “Does anybody else want water?”
Ophelia nodded and Merc called out for juice.
Merc: Juice
Juliet: “Alright then,” she walked to the kitchen.
Ophelia gave a sheepish smile to Lavinia,
Ophelia: “Do you happen to have anymore? I pigged out the last two days…”
Lavinia: Lavinia immediately popped up, “Of course!! Here!” She pulled out another minute tube of oil, and flashed her a smile.
Lavinia: “This is supposedly really healthy, my bestfriend’s boyfriend created this, he is graduating with honors now in bio-chemestry.”
Ophelia: “Great, thanks!” Ophelia gingerly took the small emollient.
Juilet gave the girls their water and sat next Merc sipping her water handing him his juice.
They met each other’s gaze and consumed the content following with water, and proceeded to sit on the couch. After a few minutes of talking about the photo session and what would take place, Lavinia noticed that she had left her cell in the car.
Lavinia: “Oh, I left my phone in the car! I hope no one took it!”
Merc waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it. This is a good area, I’m sure it’s still there. Do you want me to go down with you to get it?”
Lavinia: Deep down inside she did but she didn’t want to sound like a goofball. “No, no, it’s okay, I’ll be quick.”
Lavinia began to feel pain in her stomach, which she dismissed for nerves. As she stepped outside the hallway her vision began to waiver. It seem as if the colors were changing and everything was becoming a shade darker around her. She didn’t bother looking at the end of the hallway because she felt something was watching her. A sudden chill came over her as she quickly walked to the stairwell.

Inside Ophelia clenched her stomach discreetly. As she sat back into the couch, experiencing similar symptoms to Lavinia. She accidentally placed her water in front of a distracted Juliet. She leaned back into the couch,
Ophelia: “Hey, do you have Mylanta? I think all the junk I ate is finally hitting me.”
Juliet: “Sure!” Juliet picked up Ophelia’s glass placing her lips upon Ophelia’s lipstick print and began to consume her water. Almost immediately, she pulled it away,
Juliet “Damn, this burns.” She licked her lips to taste mint and felt an open wound. She walked up to a mirror and pulled at her lip; she perceived a cut. When she examined the glass, Juliet noticed the mouth print.
Ophelia turned her face to Juliet to reveal same shade of lipstick,
Ophelia: “Are you okay?”
Juliet sighed, “Lovely, I drank from her cup.”
Ophelia: “What? I can’t hear you.” She spoke louder.
Juliet: “Yeah, I’m fine… Hey, you don’t have anything right? I accidentally drank from your cup.”
Ophelia laughed, “No!”
Juliet: “Alright, just checking.”

Lavinia’s fear had become more prominent as she searched for her phone. She felt a presence standing behind. She found the cell beneath her seat and when she went to pull out of her car Demetrius snuck behind her, waiting closely by her,
Demetrius: “Hey!”
Lavinia: “Aaah!” She hit her head at the top of her car trying to get out!
Demetrius laughed.
Lavinia: “Ouch, that hurt! Why do yuo like scaring people?”
Demetrius: “Wow… so sensitive, well I’ll see you up stairs.”
Lavinia did feel sore and out of character. She sighed and went on her way back to the apartment.
Juliet’s lip was burning and her cut was bleeding a little. She came back with the Mylanta and gave Ophelia two spoonfuls. Merc noticed her lip.
Juliet: “Hey, come here a sec.” Juliet stood in front of Merc. “Can you bend down a sec? I wanna see something.”
Juliet: a rather momentarily irate Juliet knelt down before Merc “Better?”
Merc:”Yeah, actually.” He leaned up close to her and studied her lip. “You’ve got a bit of red on you there..”
Almost without warning, he licked it up.
Juliet: “Eww… that’s so gross” She slapped his chest and walked away to put away the medicine.

Merc: “Mmm, like a spicy mint,” Merc smiled at Ophelia, “I’m a vampire!”
Ophelia who was leaning over her stomach, pulled back in reaction, smiled and crinkled her nose with a bit of disgust, and gave a little laugh at the awkwardness of that moment.
Merc shrugged and laughed it off.

Act II

Scene 1

Lavinia leaned into the hood of her car on her cell as she waited for Merc to respond.

Merc:”Hey where have you been? We’ve been worried about you?”
Lavinia: “Here outside melting away but Demetrius won’t stop trying to scare me and I won’t go up by myself.”
Merc:”What are you talking about?”
Lavinia:”Yeah, I tried to go up but he started playing with me, chasing me down the stairs. I told him to stop but he never responded so I’ve been in my car waiting for him to come out but apparently the freak has nothing better to do but wait in there to hear me scream again.” (She sighed.)
Merc:”That can’t be he just left right now with Ophelia to come get you. Did this happen now?”
Lavinia:”No, like five minutes ago.”
Merc:”Well, just wait by your car. They are going down now.”
Lavinia:”That’s fine because I’m feeling dizzy actually.”
Merc:”Okay. Did you eat?”
Merc:”Well, you’ll have to eat something when you come up, by the way do you need to change or are you already dressed?”
Lavinia:”Yeah, I have on a bikini and shorts. Is that okay or should I put on the dress?”
Merc:”No I think that is good for now; let me get a few shot’s of you, and then change.”

Scene 2

Next Scene
Juliet:”What was that about?” (Juliet dug her cigarette into the ashtray directing her comment to merc)
Merc:”Honestly, I don’t know. But, she sounded completely spooked out. She said someone was chasing her down the stairs. She thought it was Demetrius. But, there is no way it was him. He was with us.”
Juliet: (frowns and grumbles) “Yeah, Weird…”
Merc: (squints at her) “how’s your lip? Is it still bleeding?”
Juliet: “Yeah,”
Juliet: (shakes her head in frustration) “and the bitch burns. Let me go wash it off in the restroom. I don’t know what kind of toxic crap Ophelia uses on her lips.”
Merc:”Alright, I’m going to call the other girls and see when their coming.”
Juliet: “That’s a good idea and can you have them go to the pool instead of coming up here, please. Thanks…”
Juliet: (squints and warms herself) It’s so cold and dark.”
Juliet puts her swimsuit and headed downstairs for makeup.

Lavinia: (sits on her hood) when Demetrius and Ophelia came out.
Ophelia: waves and nods at Lavinia; walks to the grassy area where a makeup artist was set up doing hair.
Demetrius: walks up to Lavania admiring the picturesque beauty.
Lavinia:”Thanks for creeping me out.”
Demetrius: (laughs) “Really?!”
Lavinia: “It’s fine. I guess we should see if they are by the pool.”

Lavina: (gets off the hood, feels as if she would collapse. Her limbs began to tremble, shivering with cold and uncontrollable nerves.)
Demetrius: (catches Lavinia around the waist) “Hey, are you okay there? Maybe we should just sit for a moment.”
Lavinia: (insists) “I feel fine…”
Demetrius:”well you look kind of pale. Did you eat anything?”
Lavinia:”No, not since yesterday.”
Demetrius:”That’s not good. Have you taken any vitamins or anything?”
Lavinia: “Well, yeah, this super vitamin right here in my pocket. It’s B-12 and something else. It also helps burn fat.”
Demetrius :”Okay, we need to get you some food.”
Lavinia: “You are so right! You don’t know how hungry I am actually.”
Lavinia: ( remains leaning on him for support, pressing lips close to his neck while he pauses from shock)
Demetrius: (Lavinia kisses your neck causing shock, widened eyes in shock and disbelief since he had never seen this side of her before.)
Lavinia: “You smell so good right now.”
Demetrius: (open the back door to her car and tried to place her inside, but she pressed you even closer her. You don’t push her off.)
Demetrius: “Woah… slow down there hun.”
Lavinia: (pulls him on top and kiss and bit his neck as if you are hungry)
Lavinia: (wrap legs around his waist) “I want you so badly right now! I could just eat you!”
Demetrius: (blush with excitement and slight embarrassment since you are in a parking lot, pulls off of her) “Yeah, I can see that. We should get you food and in makeup.”
Lavinia: (spring up) “Wait, why?… I think you are misunderstanding things.”
Lavinia: (voice was losing it’s sweetness remember you are slightly frustrated and hungry) “I don’t want to eat food, and I don’t think I need makeup”
Lavinia: (inch in closer and be more flirtatious) “… I want you!”

Demetius: (smile and kind of mocking, cocky tone) “So what do you want to do? Dance around in your car and give everyone a show?”
Lavinia: (pouts, throwing her hands up in defeat, and sighs) “No!”
Lavinia: (bounce onto knees, keeping her arms around his neck, let him lean in to kiss you)
Demetrius : (pull out, but allow her to pull you back in, put her arms around you neck you lean in and kiss her softly and tenderly )
Demetrius: (after kiss, wink at her)”Come on let’s get inside, after tonight, we’ll go out somewhere.”

Scene 3

The models were beginning to arrive. The changing/ makeup bar was set up and was soon cluttered with pin-up beauties and photographers.

Juliet, Ophelia, and Lavinia: (go get makeup and photographed together)
Demetrius: (chatting with the security)
Security: (chatting with Demetrius)
Beatrice: ( arrives and quickly jump into makeup)
Beatrice: (ran up to Demetrius who was chatting with the security)
Beatrice: “Hey, have you seen Lavinia? I wanted to see if I could borrow a hair piece, I can’t find my accessory bag.”
Demetrius:”Yeah, she is taking pictures with Juliet by the pool. You should definitely get in there.”

After being photographed together and separate, Juliet, Lavinia, and Ophelia are approached by Beatrice. Juliet takes this opportunity to excuse herself. Juliet is looking pale and blanche.

Juliet: (excuse yourself) “I’m going to go upstairs for a moment. I’m feeling a little dizzy, and I have a splitting headache.”

Beatrice made her way to the fallen trio, waved at the Juliet as she walked back to her room.

Merc: (gently grasp juliet’s arm as if caressing it) “Hey where are you going?”
Juliet:”I have to get my dress, and I need to take something for this headache. I’ll be back down in a moment.”
Merc:”Did they do make up on you already?”
Juliet: (slightly grouchy)”Yeah!”
Merc:”Okay, freshen up and have them retouch your face when you get back down.”

Scene 4

The photographer instantly stuck Beatrice in the shots.

Beatrice:”Hey, is your bag near, I wanted to see if you had something I could borrow for my hair. I left the bag at home.”
Lavinia: (removes an extra bow out of hair and motions to put on Beatrice) “Do you mind?”
Beatrice: (shakes head and smiles)
Lavinia: ( fixes it nicely in her hair) “There you go, beautiful!”

In the middle of the session, Lavinia clenched her stomach in more than just a slight discomfort. Two seconds later, Ophelia excuse herself in a sort of urgency.

Lavinia: (smiles at the photographer) “Do you mind if we take a break?”

The photographer consented satisfied with what he had.

Ophelia: (approaches Merc) “Hey, I left my bag in Juliet’s place. I kind of need it.”

Merc:”Yeah, I have to get my keys too. I’m going up there now.”

Ophelia: (smiles)”Okay, do you mind if I meet up with you in a sec, I just want to grab a donut,”

He nodded and gently patted her arm as he headed up. He passed by Demetrius and the security guard and told him, his momentary plans.

Ophelia and Lavinia went straight to a small table that had some snacks. Ophelia hestitated and decided not to get anything while Lavinia devoured a donut and took one extra one. Beatrice stood around meekly admiring the other models.

Lavinia: (turns to Ophelia trying to keep the contents of food from rolling out of your mouth)”Where are you going?”

Ophelia:”Upstairs to get my bag; Merc is up there waiting for me!”

Before Lavinia could get in another word, Ophelia was gone…
Lavinia: (turns to Beatrice) “I need my bag.”

Scene 5

Juliet: (opens her door and stands at the entrance of the doorway, stares out into the end of her hallway and see the deathly face of little girl peep her head of her room and giggle. Not only does it scare you, but you cringe and try to walk back inside. You collapse on the spot. When you wake up, you believe Merc is at your side and lightly touching your hand, which feels like a corpse.)

Little girl/ Merc:”Why are you so cold? Do you think you are going to die?”
Juliet: “What? No! Of course not. What kind of a question is that? Just help me up… I was frightened. I’m fine.”
Little girl/Merc:”Frightened? What scared you so badly? I remember being cold like this once!”
Juliet: (half awake; eyes have closed, shivering from the cold, now he was caressing her arm.) “What are you talking about?”
Little girl/ Merc: (sighs), “Don’t you remember silly? You held my hand and you told me it would be okay. You were right, it was okay for me; it will be for you… But not so much for them if we don’t keep you in here…. It’s too bad. They say when you are about to die you can see the dead… I guess it’s true, right?”
Juliet: ( looks up in horror and see the dead little girl standing over body. )
Little girl: (Stands over Juliet’s body)
(The door shut closed.)

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Blank Fashion Photo / Video Casting / Fort Lauderdale

Blank Fashion Photo / Video Casting / Fort Lauderdale

Anybody looking to add funky Euro style, racy, bold, aggressive fashion material to their book and get some hot video/film clips?
If so, please consider our Blank Fashion Project.   A collaboration with Farrell Goldsmith from Youville Productions:

Hair, makeup, stylists, models, photo/video folks, please let me know if you’re interested in helping out!

Email your links to Brian (at) SandboxRaw.com please.

* There is going to be quite a bit of nudity on set! Not Hustler, Penthouse, or even Playboy type nudity.. more like Euro, I don’t give a Flying F*%K kind of a thing. Mostly to keep things simple and the focus on just 1 or 2 pieces of clothing or accessories and to let models raw personalities come through. If being half naked around a bunch of people isn’t your thing this probably isn’t the project for you.  Please do check some of our less risque castings though! :-)

Here’s the Model Mayhem Casting:
http://www.modelmayhem.com/casting/1543555and here is where I got some inspiration from:
http://www.modelmayhem.com/list/554998Random is good!  Motorcycle helmets, water guns, shoulder pads, Hockey gear, roller skates, pogo stick.. whatever, fun  funky props are good but we already have some random stuff so don’t get too concerned about that but get your fancy smoking gloves, leggings, heels, and accessories together, keep an eye out for motorcycle helmets and let’s see what we can do! :-) .. edgy, racy, avante garde, sandbox raw, south florida, blank fashion, blank, euro, models,fort lauderdale, miami, fashion, film, video
Here are some links to Pharrell’s business site, Youville Productions: http://www.yeovilleproductions.com/ 

and his Model Mayhem page: http://www.modelmayhem.com/348883

Here is a a little Behind the Scenes video of a Blank Fashion style collaboration between, Zander Brant, Heather Kirby, and Jim Eisele before the last Artwalk at Fat Village in Fort Lauderdale.

So that day was a lot of fun!  Wap Comic Book Convention hosted an event at C&I Studios in conjunction with Swimwear fashion show with Montce Swim.  So that was all just a part of Fort Luaderdale’s monthly (last Saturday of every month) Artwalk.  Here is a link to the Facebook page for Fat Village / Design District / Art Walk.  Hope you see you out there next month!! Here are some more inspirational albums and links and stuff for this project:

Blank Fashion – Vicky



Hayden on Flickr




Here are some of our other current castings:

Headline for Sandbox Raw Castings
Sandbox Raw Sandbox Raw
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Sandbox Raw Castings

Feb 24, 2014 - sandboxraw.com - 1297
Suicide Girl type Photo/Video Shoot Sandbox Raw Media

Looking to shoot some Suicide Girls type material for trade. You can use the photos for Suicide Girls submissions or Zivity or whatever you want. We can talk about the many ways we can help one another reach our goals and make lots of money together!!

Feb 24, 2014 - sandboxraw.com - 1434
Blank Fashion Casting - Sandbox Raw Media

Anybody looking to add funky Euro style, racy, bold, aggressive fashion material to their book and get some hot video/film clips? Hair, makeup, stylists, models, photo/video folks, please let me know if you're interested in helping out! Email your links to Brian (at) SandboxRaw.com please.

Feb 24, 2014 - sandboxraw.com - 1218
The Pink Project - Sandbox Raw Media

In Appreciation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are going to be setting up some very PINK production days coming up over the next couple weeks. We'll do the Pink Tape thing again.. Here's some still from last year: http://sandboxraw.com/projects/pink-tape-2012/ So that and some Pink Fashion: think Edgy fashion along these lines but pink!

Related Images:

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