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Chelsea Christian has style for days & brilliant web / social media marketing strategy

This month’s featured artist is a model from Gainesville, Florida named Chelsea Christian.

Featured artist - sandbox raw - south florida - social Media marketing strategy

Chelsea Christian has style for days & displays brilliant web / social media marketing strategies.

Chelsea Christian is a gorgeous model

We chose Chelsea this month not just because she’s a stunning model with style for days.

Equally  important,  we wanted to illustrate how beautifully choreographed Chelsea’s web and social media efforts are put together.

From a custom Model Mayhem profile:

to her gorgeous website/store:

Chelsea is doing everything right.  From a marketing standpoint, Chelsea is all over the social media!   Her strategy is to make it all looks like a nice and tidy part of her website:

So a beautiful website that is also a webstore and one of the best social media marketing plans I’ve seen in a long time,  Chelsea Christian is doing a lot of things right when it comes to branding herself online through social media marketing.

Chelsea uses social media marketing for BTS or Behind the Scenes to include her audience in the production process.

John T Photography – Behind The Scenes! from Chelsea Christian on Vimeo.


Behind the Scenes is awesome for Social Media Marketing

She has a portion of her website specifially dedicated to sharing here behind the scenes material:

Why not ask your visitors to donate to your cause? #AskForStuff :-)

I like Chelsea’s link to her Amazon Wish List:


and here’s mine if anybody is feeling generous! :-)


Chelsea Christian social media marketing strategy

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The Tea Party. Sassy Steampunk Photo / Video / Art project for an upcoming Artserve event.

 Victorian – Steampunk – Tea party train tracks location 1

Inspiration photos:

lawn tennis, victorian era, beautiful women

This is going to be a fun, casual, photo/video shoot for an upcoming, Steam Punk themed art show:

The general theme is a sassy, surreal Victorian era tea party with steampunk elements interwoven.  The first shoot date is going to be October 15 at 2pm in southeast Fort Lauderdale.

Victorian - Steampunk - Tea party train tracks location 1


Adam Kaplan from Ask Media

is going to be shooting video for us! :-)  (at least at the first shoot on Saturday, Oct. 15th)

We are still casting all positions: models/actors, photographers, video folks, photoshop wizards, makeup/hair, stylists, Prop guys/girls, anybody really that wants to get involved is welcome chat me up in an email: Brian {at} Sandboxraw.com

Our facebook event page is:

and you can stay current with upcoming projects and events at:

Victorian - Steampunk - Tea party train tracks location 1 - Green screen wall

Thanks for your interest and here is the original event description from Facebook:

*This is an art project with any proceeds going to charity. There is no budget so nobody is getting paid but we should all help take care of the make up artist and/or body painters for their product costs.

A tea party, some croquet, and steampunk fun. That’s it, low stress, high fun. Please no big egos, I hope everybody brings ideas and brings lots of energy to their characters which should be strong and confident if not sassy :-) but off camera let’s keep it real mellow and low drama please.

Victorian - Steampunk - Tea party train tracks location 1 - Tanker cars

The 15th 1pm-sunset is set in stone. The final locations (somewhere in Broward) and the second shoot date is still up in the air. If you’re interested get me your availability Brian [at] Sandboxraw.com and we’ll figure it all out in the next couple days. The location is in south Broward, details coming soon.

THINK FANTASTIC, SURREAL, MECHANICAL & WHIMSICAL, Steampunk is not a real world type of thing so we’ll do the best we can on set to bend reality but a creative Photoshop Genie would be fabulous! We already have a good retoucher but extra help can’t hurt!

Mr. Jeffrey Scott was nice enough to let us use his work  “A Modern Day Love Affair” for some inspiration for this project.  Here is his Model Mayhem http://www.modelmayhem.com/1980 and website: http://factory1019.com/ and the model, Frankie C: http://www.modelmayhem.com/618929


A Modern Day Love Affair by Jeffrey Scott - 1019  - (model) Frankie C)

A Modern Day Love Affair by Jeffrey Scott - 1019 - (model) Frankie C)

I have a pretty good location in mind near Davie Blvd. and 95 so we’ll finalize that soon too but I’d still like to talk about a second location.

Metal, leather, glass, machinery, steam, time travel, goggles, and ray guns are sort of the cliche steam punk themes but I don’t want to get too hung up on all that.. We should represent the era, Victorian, but beyond that let’s do something different. Simple but heavy drama and the contrast between soft and hard are important to me.

I had a concept I wanted to do awhile back that might work, a Victorian tea party right next to some live train tracks. A steam train or steam engines in general would be fabulous.

I don’t know, let’s get some discussion flowing, please add any ideas or anything you think would help us!

Thanks! -Brian

Here’s a list of photos on here I put together and a youtube video that might help:


Of course good models, photographers, videoheads, and make up/stylists are going to be key but body painters and photoshop wizards could take this project to the next level. Some of the mechanical body stuff would be rad!! Drop me a line if you have an interest!
Brian {at} SandboxRaw.com

Show page:

And Show info:

October 29th:
10 AM – 2 PM: Artwork drop off

November 5th:
7 PM -10 PM: Opening Reception
10 PM – 2 AM: Official After Party @ Green Room

By Sinthetic Designs & ArtServe

$10 for 1 piece
$20 for up to 3 pieces
$30 for 4 pieces!



“In 2010, LifeNet4Families | Cooperative Feeding Program celebrated 25 years of service to the hungry and homeless of Broward County. From the humble beginnings of distributing a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless, to today’s provision of 1.2 million meals a year, the agency’s dramatic development has reflected both the growing numbers and the growing needs of the poor in our community.

As a totally private, 501 C3, federally recognized non profit agency, we are forever grateful for the compassion and generosity of the community and our supporters. The demand for our services is escalating in even greater numbers and we are overwhelmed and struggling to continue to meet all challenges in these harshest of economic times.”

What is Steampunk?


This is an open call to artists/heads up.

Call to Artist Online Entry Form:


Related Images:

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Last Hope – Air

Last Air – Air

This is one of the 4 movies (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) that we put together for an installation piece for the Red Eye are show by Artserve.  The other 3 are coming soon!

It plays slow because the 4 movies are meant to be played concurrently.

Anyway, thank you soooooo much to everyone involved, it was a great experience and a pleasure to work with you all!

cheers, -Brian & Cerise

Last Hope – Air from Sandbox Raw on Vimeo.

Half Head

Miguel Morales

Naturalist Micheala

James Eisele

Ryan Tiexiera

Chantal Lawrie

Mary O’Hara

Georgina Romero

Patrick Oden

Anastasia Sultzer

Justin Harris

Cia Lee

K&D Photography

Danielle Korzeniewski

Brian Firth

Cerise Carson

Luna Musefusion

Photo by James Eisele:  http://www.fashionfl.com/ Last Hope Air photo by James Eisele

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Stock up on Visine.. The Red Eye is coming!!

ArtServe is hosting what should be an amazing art show starting July 22nd here in Fort Lauderdale!

The Red Eye is an innovative and  exciting event aimed at promoting fresh, underground art. The exhibit is an energetic and creative concept that offers artists in all artistic disciplines, an open forum of expression. This is the only exhibit that enmeshes gallery art with street art.

Artwork being showcased should fall into one of the following themes:

Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism Art – artwork that has origins in the underground comix world, punk, hot-rod street culture, and other subcultures (ex: game art renderings and tattoo art)

Social Commentary Art – artwork that makes a statement about current society or current trends.

Please  email your vendor info, idea, or performance art information to: Marymation@gmail.com
More info: contact  ArtServe 954-462-8190 or marymation@gmail.com

We are going to submit a Social Commentary installation piece based on the popular Apocalypse / Armageddon theme

Email me Brian@Sandboxraw.com if you’re interested in modeling/acting in our production.. We’re also still looking for:
-1 more photographer
-1 video/film maker
-Post production help

The piece is going to be 3 dimensional and will involve still and moving imagery…  Keep an eye out for old TVs!!!

The Red Eye art exibit by Artserve

Related Images:

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