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The Circus

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Last Hope

This link takes you to the description of the project:

A mixed-media installation piece we’re assembling for the Red Eye art show by Artserve .  Amazing talent is starting to jump in from all over South Florida so stay tuned!!  Here’s the Facebook page
& Behind the Scenes

The concept  is war and division is what will cause the Armageddon and all the death and destruction that goes along with it.  We’re going to illustrate how acceptance, love, music, and kindness might be our “Last Hope”


We’ll be entering some work and covering what should be an amazing Live Art Show at Stage 84 on July 6th.

Vaughn Reynolds and Natalia King are hosting the event and proceeds are going to Women in Distress

Local artists are coming together in celebration of the elements of nature, donating their time and passion to raise moneyand awareness for Women in Distress, a Broward County nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support, counseling and training to aid in the fight against domestic violence.



What I’d like to do:
I would like to grow my Media / Marketing business
I don’t have an official business plan together yet but I’m more than confident that with roughly:
20k – Hardware
10k – Marketing
5k/monthly ongoing until the the business is self sustaining (probably in the 3 month range)
I can build one of the premier media production and marketing companies in south Florida.
What’s in it for the investor?
-Ownership in the company and profit sharing

-VIP treatment at events like the Red Eye show coming up:

-Some creative control

How can I find more info?