Malice Update : Nyon : Wardrobe : Blah

Malice update:

The beginning of the script is here:

We are wrapping up casting for this thing so speak up now if you want a speaking part!

You need to pick a gang, Ko-Lee’s real serious, deadly chicks or Nyon’s playboy/playgirl type crew that kills casually :-)

Anybody know where we can find dangerous prisoner masks like Lucy’s from Elfin Lied?

I’d love to work in a character along those lines. ┬ánot so much the magical arms and stuff but code red psycho status

wardrobe for the Nyon gang is swim wear, Miami style club wear, you know anime is a little exaggerated so bright colors, short skirts, high heels.. there will probably be a couple party scenes, a pool scene, and a fight scene. Here are some ideas for Nyon peeps:

Ko Lee’s crew is way more serious/obviously deadly :-)
Hope you can come play with us! If that day doesn’t work, we’ll be shooting more anime and all kinds of stuff so stay in touch!

and you’ll should be in the loop w/ upcoming trade and paid events!

cheers, -Brian

Nyon's gang

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