Malice: The Cast

Nyon’s Crew

Nyon – yet to be determined. Every boss should understudy for Nyon.

Big Boss 1 – Kordo
his wife – Nicki
their son – Jaden
Kordo Boss

Big Boss 2 – Sky
right hand man – Cudy
Sky boss – Ariel
Sky Boss – Flip

Big Boss3 – Candy
Candy Girl – Zink
Candy Girl – Lizzy
Candy Girl – Kaya
Candy Girl – Angel
(Juliet, British accent, coming from Sarasota)

Candy Girl – Pixi

High level Street Boss – Streets
Street Thug – Dice
Street Thug – Bunny
Street Thug – Blunt
Street Thug – Lips
Street Thug – Dizzy
Street Thug – Yachtzee

Beginning of the script:

Scene 1 – The Wake
Location: Bimini Boatyard
Black and white formal attire

Cordo: (raising a toast) Thank you Jackson Brickell. Thank you for what you meant to my family (cut to Nicki & Jaden) and more importantly, thank you for what you meant to OUR family!! (cheers w/ everybody)

Sky: holding back tears. clearly broken up, lil drunk… We’re going to miss you Jack! you are going to be missed……. now she get’s more angry than upset. BUT!! You better believe we are going to hold down what you built for us… Brickell isn’t going anywhere! Is it Sage? death stare

Sage: cold stare back.. No Sky, we’re not going anywhere.

Ko Lee WarriorThanks Soulfame and Nana:


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