Last Hope – Air

Last Air – Air

This is one of the 4 movies (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) that we put together for an installation piece for the Red Eye are show by Artserve.  The other 3 are coming soon!

It plays slow because the 4 movies are meant to be played concurrently.

Anyway, thank you soooooo much to everyone involved, it was a great experience and a pleasure to work with you all!

cheers, -Brian & Cerise

Last Hope – Air from Sandbox Raw on Vimeo.

Half Head

Miguel Morales

Naturalist Micheala

James Eisele

Ryan Tiexiera

Chantal Lawrie

Mary O’Hara

Georgina Romero

Patrick Oden

Anastasia Sultzer

Justin Harris

Cia Lee

K&D Photography

Danielle Korzeniewski

Brian Firth 

Cerise Carson

Luna Musefusion

Photo by James Eisele: Last Hope Air photo by James Eisele

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