Fort Lauderdale Beach Photo / Video Trade Project for PartySnipe

We are putting together an Internet based TV station.  PartySnipe will stream live video from all over south Florida starting next month, March 1st.

We are looking to start building the brand with fun party South Florida party people type, still and moving media.

So this month we’re looking to set up trade photoshoots where we are both welcome to use the material for marketing projects.










Gear is:

Heels, Bikinis, club wear, and after party so  corsets/lingerie hot new club looks, bikinis.  Black, yellow, red, and white are good colors bc/ of our logo but aren’t necessary.

We may or may not have make up assistance for you so plan on doing your own hair, make up, and styling.

We are casting any good MUAs down here that want new trade images.  Tips are highly encouraged!!

Feel free to bring fun beachy accessories/props.. rollerskates, beach balls, bubbles, bubble gum, parasols, sunglasses, hats, any random/colorful/fun stuff you have laying around could be helpful :-)

PartySnipe is a new TV station down here set to hard launch on March 1, 2012.
is the Facebook page

We will be looking for full time reporters and spokes models/actors / to help us cover Spring Break parties from WPB to The Keys!! Please contact me if you might be interested in working with us.

Streaming, live, party action to TVs, computer, and hand phones is the concept so everyone mush be comfortable in front of video cameras.  Acting experience is a big plus!

The photoshoots taking place over the next couple weeks are separate. We will be playing with video and the streaming video casting gear but acting experience isn’t mandatory for these shoots.

Let’s have some fun and get some rad images!

*Must bring photo ID

Cheers, -Brian

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