Current Castings October 2013

Sandbox Raw Trade Castings October 23

They are all trade projects where you would get full rights to all still images and/or videos.

We’re also partnering up with a few girls on membership sites and the many various ways of making money in the future from this content.

Send an email to:  Brian (at) if you are interested with a link to your portfolios ect.   Thanks! -Brian

Blank Fashion

The Pink Project

Magic Light

Funky Fetish

Blank Fashion

Anybody looking to add funky Euro style, racy, bold, aggressive fashion material to their book, please consider this little project, it’s going to be ongoing for about a month so if you can’t make this date, stay tuned: always has the latest casting info.

We are lucky enough to have an amazing hair stylist on board.  Hairy Creations is going to create your hair style!!

Make up, stylists, please let me know if you’re interested in helping out!

Here is where I got some inspiration for this project:

Random is good!  Motorcycle helmets, water guns, shoulder pads, Hockey gear, roller skates, pogo stick.. whatever, fun  funky props are good but we already have a lot of random stuff so don’t get too concerned about that.  get your fancy smoking gloves, leggings, heels, and accessories together and just keep an eye out for motorcycle helmets :-)

 Think Pink

In Appreciation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are going to be setting up some very PINK production days coming up over the next couple weeks.

We’ll do the Pink Tape thing again.. Here’s some still from last year: … 155136525/

So that and some Pink Fashion: think Edgy fashion along these lines but pink! :-)

Here is a Pinboard:

Locations will be in the SE / Victoria Park areas of Fort Lauderdale and Fat Village.

Let’s try to keep all wardrobe Pink & White.. maybe a little black..

We’ll be shooting some video as well.

If you are interested get back to me asap with your availability and I’ll work on a schedule.. we’ll probably have 2-3 separate shoot days..

Thanks for your interest and keep in mind we’re donating half of any proceeds from this to the American Cancer Society! :-)

Magical Natural Light

Let’s play with natural light and very light, sheer fabrics..

flowing, light, breezy, skirts/dresses/tops etc.
I don’t think it’s going to work so well w/ underwear soo… idk talk to me if that would be an issue but otherwise you really want to give it a shot :-)

drop me a note if you’re feeling it! and oh and pinks a good color this month: … 4/?fref=ts

but color isn’t too important, send me your ideas, it’s a collaboration! thanks, -Brian

Funky Fetish

Shiny, Fetish, Fun, Creative, TF partners wanted:  Photo & Video

If you want to let your freak flag fly and shoot some fetish type material drop me a note.

Let me know what you had in mind and we’ll see if we can work something out.   You would get to use all the media shot for whatever you want.  I would want to use it for a membership site and a Clips4Sale store.  We can talk about how to help one another out and how we can partner on the various cash registers we can set up.

Nothing too crazy!.. I’m not interested in any male characters but 2/3 girls would be fabulous if we could all get on the same page.  While the latex and props are fun, some things don’t require too much wardrobe.  I wanted to play with some textures, baby oil, sand, candy, white powder.. bodyscape stuff, so 3 girls would probably be ideal.

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