Chelsea Christian has style for days & brilliant web / social media marketing strategy

This month’s featured artist is a model from Gainesville, Florida named Chelsea Christian.

Featured artist - sandbox raw - south florida - social Media marketing strategy

Chelsea Christian has style for days & displays brilliant web / social media marketing strategies.

Chelsea Christian is a gorgeous model

We chose Chelsea this month not just because she’s a stunning model with style for days.

Equally  important,  we wanted to illustrate how beautifully choreographed Chelsea’s web and social media efforts are put together.

From a custom Model Mayhem profile:

to her gorgeous website/store:

Chelsea is doing everything right.  From a marketing standpoint, Chelsea is all over the social media!   Her strategy is to make it all looks like a nice and tidy part of her website:

So a beautiful website that is also a webstore and one of the best social media marketing plans I’ve seen in a long time,  Chelsea Christian is doing a lot of things right when it comes to branding herself online through social media marketing.

Chelsea uses social media marketing for BTS or Behind the Scenes to include her audience in the production process.

John T Photography – Behind The Scenes! from Chelsea Christian on Vimeo.


Behind the Scenes is awesome for Social Media Marketing

She has a portion of her website specifially dedicated to sharing here behind the scenes material:

Why not ask your visitors to donate to your cause? #AskForStuff :-)

I like Chelsea’s link to her Amazon Wish List:

and here’s mine if anybody is feeling generous! :-)

Chelsea Christian social media marketing strategy

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