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Model Mayhem

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Rollerskate Pinup, bubbly-horror in Hollywood FL Garfield Street and da beach

Rollerskate Pinup, bubbly-horror in  Hollywood

Here’s the map of the end of Garfield st. which is where we’ll set up our small make up area.. and the 3 locations that are right there..

It’s 2 little 3 step horse shoe shaped risers that wrap around the fountain in the middle.. which unfortunately doesn’t come on until 10am-noon or so, it comes up from the ground.. then the beach.. classic beach partio.. keep an eye out for antique items.. radios, umbrellas, fancy drinkin glasses and eye glasses,  pocket watches, those fancy long cigarette smokers and the smoking gloves, roller skates :-)
Anything that looks fun! ask your mom or grandmom!

The riserst at Hollywood, Garfield Street and the Beach.. sorry this is the best I can get ahold of right now:

Hollywood, Garfield Street - Beach

another photo from Hollywood Beach / Boardwalk

another photo from Hollywood Beach

These are all from in the water there.. Hollywood is good because it’s usually pretty still and blue.


Sunrise in Hollywood FL - Georgina

Liana in Hollywood, FL

More Details

Photos/Video will be posted here starting Sunday!

Jimbo’s Birthday is going to be classic!!

Coppertone Girl

Come down and party/ shoot with us next Sunday, April 10th 2011

Classic Pinup style fun with some twists :-)

Great Tiki/Retro website w/ some links to Mod movies that should help you get in the mindset!

Here’s a message I just sent that helps explain how things are coming together:

Wardrobe isn’t too tough.. corsets, stockings, lingerie, vintage swimwear, old school hats/sunglasses.. whatever you think would be fun.. I’ll encourage everybody to bring extra stuff, props ect. so we have plenty of fun stuff to play with!!
Bright/light blues, yellows, pink, white.. black is ok, just have fun with it! and bring something to cover up with from sun and pervs..

OK, so the overwhelming theme is def pinup/vintage beachy fun stuff.. the curveball is going to be randomness.. probably along the lines of fetish/circus/horror/who knows what! if you come across any crazy, random, antique, props or wardrobe, please bring it!

I’m starting a list for some wardrobe ideas ect.

please send me anything you think would be good for inspiration. I’m going to create a private facebook events page once the cast is more less set where everybody can post ideas and kinda virtually meet each other :-)

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